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Here is the flow chart that is listed on the pages about DOD1.3 from the Complete Strategy Guide.  

The second image is the RED DRAGON in human form, at the end of the world.  I’ve only skimmed briefly thorough the story, but it seems as though the humans have all been EATEN by the dragons, who then lose their dragon forms.  These humanoid dragons continue to devour all the ends of the earth until they again transform huge balls of flesh…that somehow resemble babies. These babies then merge together to form gigantic eggs with eyes, which you can see in this image…  Wow.

DOD1.3 - Short Story List

A_0010 - “The Crimson Dragon”

A_2040 - “Battle with the Empire”

A_3010 - “The World Two Years Later”

A_4010 - “The Truly Diseased”

A_4030 - “Little Sister”

A_5040 - “The Land of Dragons”

A_5040 - “A Ending”

Source:  Scanned, edited, and translated by me.

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